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New endorsement: G-Lab Guitar Laboratory from Poland

"I am very proud to announce a new endorsement with the Polish company G-Lab

G-Lab builds high quality effects pedals and MIDI controllers.On my visit to the factory in Zabrze, Poland, I was both surprised and impressed by how the company succeeds in combining innovation and manual skill in the creation of their products.

Every single part of the pedals is producedwithin the company: the metal for the chassis is cut, moulded, painted, and screen-printed inside the factory; the circuits are produced and assembled on site and immense attention is paid to the quality control and final product testing.

As part of my setup have chosen the compressor/booster, the Delay, the reverb and the Chorus. These effects are controlled by the MIDI controller/ GSC-3 Looper  

G-Lab products are distributed in Italy byStefyline based in Porto Recanati"


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