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Reference cables: Jazz Cable – A semi- acoustic cable for guitars that Luca di Luzio uses in all his recordings and concerts.


“the Reference Lab jazz cable isn’t an accessory but a fundamental part of my setup! The sound  produced by my acoustic and semi - acoustics is full, richly harmonical and well defined thanks to the Reference Lab cables. May favorites are the Jazz cable for semi- acoustics and vintage, the Ric 01 for solid bodies and cabling and the Acoustic cable for acoustic guitars with metal and nylon strings.” 




"The Stefyline guitar gig bags protect my guitars wherever I am, at home or on the road. These guitar bags have been carefully designed to make transporting guitars comfortable and above all convenient. Everything has been studied and manufactured with the musician in mind: padding, pockets, handles, inner pads.
A lot of attention has also been given to the appearance of the cases, both elegant and discreet. Stefyline is an Italian company that has been making instrument bags for musicians for over 25 years, combining experience, the highest quality materials and celebrated, Italian workmanship all from a “musicians” point of view.
Last year during the NAMM show in Los Angeles lots of musicians asked me, “ Hey where did you get that bag?”."



Timbertones Picks

These picks include a whole universe of sounds. It’s interesting how the material a pick is made of influences the electric  and acoustic sound produced.
Luca met Rob Wooller at the NAMM 2011 in Los Angeles and he spent  hours at his stand trying out his picks.
The sensation of playing with a wooden pick  is very nice, almost a continuation of the guitar itself.
Luca says: "I like to change materials and experiment with different woods both on the acoustic guitar and on the archtop".


 Cooper Stand guitar stands

Pro-G securely supports acoustic, electric or bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin and more. Designed to meet the needs of the Nashville songwriter, or solo acoustic performer, it has quickly become a valued accessory to guitar players and collectors at all levels world wide. Fabricated from African Sapele, it’s highly stable classy design enhances the professionalism of the performer, then neatly packs away in most guitar cases or gig bag.

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