Luca di Luzio - Jazz Guitarist
Home Gear
For many years the live  set up included a Gibson 347 the LdL Custom pedal and an Acoustic Image Clarus R2 amplifier with a Raezer's Edge speaker.
Today the three Bob Benedetto guitars the Bambino Deluxe, the Bravo Deluxe and the Benny One Off are alternated according to the event. The amplification is entrusted to the DV Mark tube amps, the Combo Galileo or the Little 40 with the speaker 12.


Choosing the right amp to suit your sound is not as easy as it may seem. I myself am fortunate enough to have found DV Mark, an Italian company that produces amplifiers for guitars that reproduce the exact sound I want: my sound.


 Luca is endorser for D'Orazio Strings Italian leading company in strings production since 1859.

 He has his own signature Jazz Guitar Strings

Jazz Guitar Strings Luca di Luzio Signature
Chrome Steel
Flat wound Smooth surface
.012 .016p .022w .030 .040 .050

Effects and Pedalboards
Even if he loves the sound of a guitar that enters directly into an amplifier (especially when the amplifier is DV Mark),  the temptation to use  effects is always strong and Luca often tries new pedals. He has two different setups according to different music projects. Read what are Luca di Luzio's favourite setups

Reference Jazz Cable, Timbertones wooden Picks, Stefy Line bags and straps are the accessories that complete Luca di Luzio's gear both for live performances and recording sessions.
Here you find why Luca chose them for his instruments and the specific features of each one.

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